Mixed martial arts

Warning : all the people in our videos wear a black belt. It doesn't necessarily mean that they have a black belt. But, when we announce that a girl or a guy has for example a 3rd dan or a 4th dan, it is for real. We don't mention the full name of the athletes in order to save their tranquillity, but if you knew them, you could find them in the lists of the french judo federation's competitors.


MMA01 : Final cut - The sparring Girl
MMA02 : Sofia vs Koulak
MMA04 : Newcomer Bérangère vs Tony
MMA05 : Claire-France vs Alexandre
MMA06 : Laetitia vs Guillaume
MMA07 : Anne vs Alexandre
MMA08 : Priscillia vs Neman and Tony
MMA09 : Laura vs Neman and Tony
MMA10 : Laura vs Priscillia
MMA11 : Cecile vs Alexandre
MMA12 : Cécile vs Sébastien
MMA13 : Maxine vs Neman
MMA14 : Sandra vs Chris
MMA15 : Maxine vs Chris
MMA16 : Sandra vs Neman
MMA17 : Joyce vs John and Aurélien
MMA18 : Grappling - Laure vs Alex
MMA19 : Kick, Punch and Grappling
MMA20 : Fight with Melissa
MMA21 : Laure vs Alex

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