Cecile vs Alexandre (match)
32mn - Price : 8 euros

Cecile, 80kg, is "only" first dan, but at 19 years old, she's a 1st division competitor, selected for the last european championships. We thought we could ask her to do a real match with a lighter good male judoka, because she was heavy and skilled enough. That's something difficult to ask, because it's exhausting. The opponent is Alexandre, 3rd dan, 70kg. As you will see, the style of this video is really different from the other ones. There are not as many projections, because the guy is strong and resisting - we instructed him to have no mercy for the girl ! But, as we asked them to do much newaza (ground work), so they did, and amators will be happy this time ! Anyway, this video was not easy for Cecile, neither for Alexandre, sometimes she's winning, sometimes he is, the match is rather balanced. trailer